Learning Communities

So I’m taking a swagtastic class at the Ed school this spring called Designing for Learning by Creating. It’s taught by Karen Brennan, a freshly Ph.D.’d professor from MIT who was involved with a very similar class there. The goal of the course is essentially to learn about, tinker with, and create innovative, interactive media. All around, I’d say it’s pretty swell.

One of my favorite aspects of the course, though, is that one in-class hour each week is devoted to student-led facilitation. These sessions have included a debate, an arts-and-crafts identity segment, a learning styles activity, and more. It was finally my turn last week, and my group decided to have some fun with the course concept for the week: learning communities.

Before class, we set up 10 various “learning stations” throughout the Larsen building. These stations were dedicated to activities like paper airplane construction, 3D modeling software, dragon biology, Settlers of Catan, a Beyoncé dance, and so on and so forth. The simple assignment we gave our classmates: pick one of these learning stations and learn with your groupmates for 30 minutes. Here is some photographic documentation of the session:

Here are some students trying out a 3D modeling software called Sculptris:

Here we have a seasoned Settlers of Catan player teaching a newcomer. Thought bubble courtesy of the T-550 teaching team.

Although blurry, you can vaguely make out my classmates learning the dance from Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” music video. I like this photo because it’s meta.

Happy learning,