Do you have to be a teacher to attend HGSE?

I attend a graduate school of education, but I neither want to be a teacher nor work in a school. Confused? So was I.

Since my focus is psychology, when I was looking for a graduate program I almost didn’t find HGSE. It took a creative search by my husband to discover that you can study more than teaching at a school of education. I was incredulous at first. A school of education?! For someone who wants to work in psychology?! Once I explored the option, though, it seemed perfect. School is where the children and adolescents are, and since I want to work with that population, why not learn about them in an educational context– especially if that educational context is at the nexus of practice, policy, and research.

Since I’ve started here, I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by students who want to be psychologists, teachers, researchers, policy makers, principals, consultants, artists, and so many more professions.  It’s true that everyone here has an interest in education, but how that interest manifests is different for everyone.