Finding Internships as an HGSE Student

Many students take part in graduate assistantships and internships while enrolled in HGSE. All incoming students will have access to HIRED, an online Symplicity application to which students can upload resumes (and other employment-related documents) and to which employers post both internships and permanent positions with their organizations … some are also federal work-study eligible. Your cohort’s listserv may also be a great source for potential internships as well. In addition, the Harvard Student Employment Office’s website also features a variety of jobs around Harvard University, especially for those students with federal work-study awards. Although internships are not mandatory – some programs do have required in-the-field practicums – they are an excellent opportunity to deepen one’s experience in a specific area or explore new areas. Internship employers can be identified and contacted during the summer as well as at the start of each semester, especially the fall semester.

You can also get paid for the work you perform at your internship and simultaneously receive academic credit (generally up to three credits hours per semester each semester). All HGSE students can enroll in the Field Experience Program (FEP) course, and some programs, such as higher education, also have field-specific internship courses. As part of the FEP course or program-specific internship course, you will take part in periodic discussions with peers who are also participating in internships and have opportunities to reflect upon your experiences in your workplace. Finally, towards the conclusion of the FEP course, students will present on their work and reflections at a student practitioner conference.