Achieving Milestones…


I hope everyone had a great time during HGSE’s Spring Break.                             

I did a road trip from Boston to Atlantic City then Philadelphia and finally DC. Although it was still cold, I had the chance to see more places around the East Coast and to enjoy a break from the busy life at HGSE. 

It is amazing how fast things have gone by and now I feel as if we’re wrapping everything up. In most of my classes, we are at a stage where final projects are starting to take shape; more than half of each courses’s milestones have been achieved, etc. While on the subject, I’ve been very encouraged and excited about a project that we are doing in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) class. The overall idea of UDL is to consider each person’s individual differences and develop accessible and effective educational curriculum and products for a broader population of students. The professor, David Rose, is amazing and I’ve found this course to be an excellent inspiration and guide for my future work.

As you may have noticed through these posts, there are just so many things to say about HGSE… I’ve really appreciated this awesome opportunity!