A Memorable Spring Break

Hi Everyone,

The two weeks leading up to spring break were quite busy for me – thank you for your patience – but I’m excited to be back in the blogosphere! That being said, my Harvard spring break was fantastic and it feels like I was away much longer than 10.5 days. My boyfriend and I took a long road trip down South and back. We stayed the night in 9 cities and our journey took us through 12 states! Neither of us had been to the South before, which  made it that much more memorable.

Our route looked like this: Boston (MA) ➞ Philadelphia (PA) ➞ Lancaster (PA) through Baltimore (MD) ➞ Charlottesville (VA) ➞ Williamsburg (VA) through Durham and Raleigh (NC) ➞ Charleston (SC) through Mt Pleasant (SC) and Savannah (GA) ➞ Brooklyn (NY) through New Haven (CT) ➞ Newport (RI) ➞ Boston (MA).

The diversity of the East Coast landscape is incredible! In each location we always checked out the major landmarks and attractions, we went on tours and visited friends, when possible, and we loved sampling the local cuisine, which ranged from BBQ, to pizza, to seafood. Although I’m loving my spring classes and missed my friends, I appreciated the academic break. I’m now back in the swing of things and I look forward to seeing many of you at our admitted students open house on April 4th!


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