A Day in the Life

The following is a day-in-the-life recap of my life from Thursday, March 7, 2013. Please note that I do not live a particularly exciting life; this a pretty typical Thursday, but hopefully you can get a sense of a graduate student’s schedule here at HGSE. As you can probably tell from my schedule, I’m in the higher education cohort.

07:00 – Wake up and look out window. Note that snow is falling at a light but steady pace. Decide that it would be best if I wear boots to get to classes today. Also decide on breakfast.

08:00 – Read for classes and reply to emails received overnight as needed. I have a fairly elaborate email filtering system so that I only read a small percentage of all of the emails I actually receive.

11:00 – Gear up to head out to class in light snow.

11:30 – Attend class on the economics of colleges and universities taught by Professor Bridget Terry Long in Larsen Hall. Today’s topic is on academic achievement and remedial coursework in American higher education. There are two brief student presentations towards the end of class.

13:00 – Head over to the café located on the main level of Gutman Library and pick up a sandwich for lunch. Quickly head back over to Larsen Hall for my next class.

13:10 – My final half-semester class on race, law, and education with Professor Philip Lee. Two of my classmates bring Dunkin’ Donuts assorted donuts for everyone. We’ve had amazing class discussions in previous sessions, and this class is no exception. A spirited discussion of Parents Involved and the current Fisher v. Texas case follows.

16:00 – Return to my studio apartment and review two inauguration videos of college presidents for my Friday morning class on leadership and management in education, comparing and contrasting the differences between the two videos.

18:45: Dinnertime!

19:45: Tidy up some cover letters.

21:00: Drop off the presidential inauguration videos to another classmate.

22:00: Check in on the daily traffic and advertisement revenue for the suite of websites that I/my company runs. Block future display of certain irrelevant advertisements.

23:00: Bedtime. Snow has been falling all day and will continue to fall through tomorrow morning.


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