International students at HGSE?

Do international students feel welcomed to be in the programs? What are their experiences like? Do they encounter any difficulties with the language? Are professors open with all students? In short, what is it like for an international student to be at HGSE?

These and other questioned lingered in my mind for a long time before I came from my home in Mexico to begin the Ed.M. at HGSE. Although I knew that I was not going to be the only international student in my program, I still felt uncertain about how things would be for me here. To be honest I was a little nervous at first. Once I arrived to the International Student Orientation Session, though, I felt relieved. I had an excellent first impression which has stayed for me throughout the year. All of the faculty and staff at HGSE are extremely open and welcoming to international students; they always seem interested in other countries´ topics and challenges regarding education. The professors and my classmates gave me the confidence to actively participate in class and engage in the discussions. Although  I´m not a native English speaker and I do struggle a little bit more to put my thoughts into words, I´ve had a good time reinforcing my second language and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

While being here I joined the student organization LAEF (Latin American Education Forum) and I´ve met other wonderful international friends there as well. This is a great way to meet new people and get involved in a project or program of your interest.

You can be sure that HGSE will provide each and every necessary resource available for you to feel at home while you are here. I now feel like I´m part of this place too!