How can HGSE help me better define my passion?

Before coming to HGSE I knew that I was passionate about learning and the arts, but I did not really know what that meant beyond that. As someone who did not necessarily identify with being an artist prior to beginning the Arts in Education program, I was confused as to how to let those around me understand my conglomeration of passions. I knew I loved a ton of buzz words: creativity, innovation, social entrepreneurship, 21st century skills – but how would these concepts come together to form a cumulative degree?

What has been so amazing about my experience here so far has been the opportunity to dabble in a little of everything. Indeed, a one year masters program can be demanding – being a senior and freshman all in one go – but I have always believed that nothing makes you more productive than the final hour. I had the opportunity to take a class at Harvard College on social entrepreneurship that helped me visualize how an enterprise manifests by constructing a model. The diverse identities in my AIE classes led me to understand creativity as an attitude rather than as a construct. And finally, my course on educational innovation this semester with Fernando Reimers made notions of innovation and 21st century skills real through the many conversations that have transpired in class with successful entrepreneurs.

My passion grew both in depth and breadth – I feel as though my once rigid definitions have not only loosened throughout the course of the year, but have also become richer. Unanswered questions can certainly seem frustrating and ambiguous, but knowing that learning is an eternal process can help pave the way for some clarity.

In search of answers (& potentially more questions),