Making the Case

My semester is off to a great start. I must admit choosing my spring classes was extremely difficult. There were so many options! I’m happy to share I just finalized my spring schedule and I’m already enjoying my classes. Here is a snapshot of what I’m taking:

Spring 2013

* Educational Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Comparative Perspective (HGSE course held at the Harvard Innovation Lab Professor permission required) 

* Founders’ Dilemmas (HBS course. Cross-registration, professor permission required, lottery) 

 * The Economics of Colleges and Universities (HGSE course. Final Higher Ed requirement)

* Managing Financial Resources in Non-profit Organizations (Joint HGSE/HKS course)


* Shop as many classes as you can (be open to new possibilities), read course evaluations, and choose valuable classes that align with your goals or help you build skills. The program is only one year long!

* Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the number of course offerings.

* Cross-register and apply to “instructor permission required” courses! It is worth the added effort. 

* Embrace the case method! While my fall classes were academic, each of my spring semester classes rely on it and I absolutely love it. 

Not only are these classes introducing me to new fields and concepts, they’re enabling me to meet graduate students from across Harvard and to get to know the school from a different angle.