Let It Snow (a Lot)!

Having grown up in the South, any accumulation of snow meant that schools closed down. In the very rare event of a blizzard, school would be out for at least a week, often longer. While they admittedly take blizzards seriously up here in Boston, the response of state and local officials (as well as Harvard staff) helped mitigate the severity of the effects of the storm.

Before the blizzard arrived on Friday, February 8, Harvard announced that the university would close at noon on Friday and remain closed through Saturday. Harvard was back up and running on Sunday, February 10 with the MBTA following suit the next day and local public schools reopening shortly thereafter.

I want to commend the Harvard Real Estate Services staffer who was driving a Bobcat during the storm in order to keep pathways cleared near my apartment. To get a sense of what the snow plows were battling against, this was a video I took near where I live (I live fairly close to Harvard Yard) during the evening of the blizzard. The light whistling you can hear in the background in the wind.

This is the same location a bit over 12 hours later on Saturday morning. Note that some of the cars have disappeared under the snow.

The road and sidewalk were passable by Sunday. The biggest personal effect the blizzard had on me was making it too difficult to visit Chinatown in downtown Boston for Chinese New Year’s (February 10). I never lost electricity and stayed quite toasty in my apartment during the brunt of the storm. All in all, although there are now many deceptively-shallow-looking puddles scattered around the Boston area from the melting snow, most of the roads and major sidewalks are quite passable. Harvard has likewise done a great job of clearing the snow from its walkways, making it possible to make it to and from classes at HGSE without too much of an adventure.