Perfect Combination

Hello again,

It’s just the 3rd week of classes of Spring semester and HGSE has a full calendar of events that promise to keep us busy for the months to come. Varying from social events, cohort discussions, book talks, workshops, Askwith Forums and countless conferences around campus, we will definitely have diverse learning experiences even outside of the classroom.

The huge list of opportunities and things to do inside and out of HGSE and Harvard in general was an important factor when I was looking for the best place to get my Ed.M. Although the courses, faculty, and resources are all of top quality, I believe that what has made this adventure so amazing is the combination of the incredible academic environment and extracurricular activities.

I hope you are having a wonderful time!


PS- Here is a picture of our city after Nemo, the Snow Storm that hit Cambridge this past weekend. Coming from Mexico, I must say I was (and still am) thrilled by having this much snow!