121 days left…

I’m constantly amazed by how fast time goes by when you are busy and doing what you like. That is how I´ve felt at HGSE since the first day. I just count the days left (121) before Commencement Day and I can’t believe it. I definitely don’t want this to end as it has been an incredible and enriching experience in many ways.

For me, this semester will be very different from the last one, starting with the whole new set of courses I´m taking: Cognitive Development, Education and the Brain, Monitoring and Evaluation for Improving Education Systems, Universal Design for Learning, Emotion in Development and Learning and maybe a 5th course at HKS. The same as last time, I did have a hard time choosing the courses due in large part to the variety and the number of options that we have available. I guess everyone has a strategy to select the classes that fit their personal and professional careers in the best way.

Another aspect that I think will change is how I will manage the time I have left in Boston, at HGSE, with my husband (both of us being students), and with numerous social events. Even though last semester I also had this in mind, I´m more aware now that this will soon end. I need to continue searching for a job, and I also don’t want to miss any opportunities or great things happening around Harvard. I want to squeeze the most out every class I take and every Askwith forum I attend.

I´ll let you know how these months turn out and in the meanwhile, I need to go back to reading some articles for tomorrow´s class…


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