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As I greet my second semester here at HGSE, I am not only faced with the next round of classes, but also the looming site of graduation. In recent weeks, I have found the prospect of exploring my employment opportunities abroad to be increasingly exciting. Although the Middle East has always been a temporary home,  I think the time has come to lay down some roots in a place where my roots first sprouted.

Utilizing the alumni network here at Harvard, the career center, and the networking skills I developed while at school in DC, I am sifting my way through the various options.

Doha and Abu Dhabi are both promising, with each of these Gulf metropolises investing heavily in the arts and cultural scene. Take for example Saadiyat Island – a 500 meter island off the coast of Abu Dhabi that is being transformed into an international leisure and cultural destination. The Louvre and the Guggenheim will both be opening on the island in 2017.

Doha, on the other hand, is looking beyond importing cultural instituions and creating its own icons. The Museum of Islamic Art is the first of its kind in the region, housing a grand collection of Islamic art, a study, and a library.

Although the job search can be a daunting and frustrating process, a much-needed phone call home got me recharged for the hunt.

In the words of my father, “This is the most exciting process of your life, Nora. You’re seeking out institutions that love and value the same things you love and value. What can be greater than that?”

And with that, the search is on.

Seeking What I Love,



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