Classes on Classes

A dialogue with myself on choosing classes for the spring term:

Me: “Choosing only 4 classes from the entire Ed school catalog is really hard.”
HGSE: “Oh, well, actually you can take classes at any Harvard school.”

Me: “Seriously? Ok, then. Let’s see, there’s the business school, law school, arts and scie…”
HGSE: “Also, I forgot to mention that you can take any class at MIT, too.

Me: “Wow, oh my. I can explore an entire other university.”
HGSE: “Well, technically you can cross-register for classes at Harvard, MIT, Tuft’s school of international affairs, and the Episcopal Divinity School.”

Me: O_o

So that’s about where I’m at right now. I’m currently in my second week of course shopping (which is only supposed to be one week), and I still haven’t quite decided what I want to take. There are simply too many great choices. I feel like I’m in the gum aisle at a gas station and can’t decide which one to pick out of my 150 options (I’ve actually counted 100+ before, you should see for yourself sometime).

Although my decision is a hard one, I’m incredibly grateful that I have such a great academic opportunity. I’m actually enjoying all the sampling that I get to do now, but I’m ready to dive headfirst into something for the long run.