Winter Break (some rest and some job search)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing great, I am just getting back on track from the winter break and already beginning a new year!

I must say that I really enjoyed this break. At first I was skeptical about what my break at home in Mexico would be like, but I certainly took advantage of the time I had there and even began looking for a job in my city. Although my husband and I are not entirely sure of our plans (we could stay in the US for a year or two), our hope is to return to Mexico in the short-term.

During my time in Mexico, I met with people and attended a couple of interviews in my city and had Skype calls with employers in other states there. I´m still undecided about the path I would like to take after HGSE, but after reviewing some possible options, I feel more confident and prepared to take any challenge.

I leave you with two “Welcome pictures,” the first one was taken just after arriving to Miami for a family trip in January. And the second one was Boston´s way of receiving me!