Spring Semester To-Do List

My dad has started texting me the number of days left before graduation, and my first thought in response has been, “I have so much left to do!” Graduation doesn’t only mean the end of my time at this graduate school that I love so much but also, if plans pan out, the end of my time living in the United States — my home for the past 11 years.

During my last few days of winter break, I made the following list of things to do before graduation:

  1. Choose spring classes. So far I’ve registered for Reading Difficulties, Adolescent Development, an independent study at Children’s Hospital, and…?
  2. Start job search. And help my husband with his job search.
  3. Learn Hebrew in preparation for (possibly) moving to Israel.
  4. Attend a college sports game for the first time ever. Wear lots of Harvard crimson.
  5. See a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
  6. Attend the Askwith Forum featuring Noam Chomsky.
  7. Run four times a week (haha!).
  8. Get better at giving presentations.
  9. Take a Duck Tour.
  10. Visit American family and friends before moving abroad.
  11. Visit Bermuda, the country where I grew up, for the first time since high school graduation. Reflect upon my past before transitioning to my new stage of life in a new country, with a new degree, a new job, and with thoughts of babies.
  12. Do homework.


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