The Next Big Thing

Just as many prospective HGSE students have submitted their applications for admission, I’ve been spending winter break completing an application of my own. Ahhhh!

The application I’m completing, along with my husband, is for aliyah. Aliyah is the Hebrew word for “going up,” and it’s the process of moving to Israel and getting Israeli citizenship.

It’s strange to be thinking about the next big thing after HGSE while I’m still busy as a student here. I feel like I’ve just finished writing about how the first day of school coincided with my 30th birthday, and now I’m already planning for post-graduation. Again, ahhhh!

The most challenging part of this plan is that I don’t (yet!) speak Hebrew. That means my job search is limited to English positions. Luckily, however, the search has been far from stressful. Going to HGSE means I can tap into the HGSE network. That network is one that is both large and kind. For example, one professor overheard someone ask me where I’ll be working in Israel. I told the student I didn’t know, and the professor jumped in and told me about a connection she has. The next day that connection had me set up with a prospective job contact.

I’m really excited about this big new change. But for now, I’m so so so happy to be at HGSE and preparing for the next great thing: spring semester.