Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

With the fall semester drawing to a close, one of the great things I’ve discovered about Cambridge and the greater Boston area is the plethora of volunteer opportunities available to HGSE students at local schools and non-profit organizations. And while there are many involving education and learning, there are also other great possibilities outside the world of education for those who want to maintain or further an interest while studying at HGSE.

Many of these opportunities are flexible in terms of timing and duration, complementing what can be a hectic and varied academic courseload. Volunteer commitments can range from spending a Saturday afternoon helping high school seniors complete college application essays through Let’s Get Ready, bridging the achievement gap by tutoring children with Tutors for All (which also has federal work-study positions), to dedicating an evening or two every week during spring semester assisting lower-income households with preparing and filing income tax returns with LIFT.


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