End of the semester: Mixed feelings

Amazing semester! But I still can´t believe it is actually over… Time really flew these months and, although I´m happy to have accomplished various milestones this semester, it is somewhat sad to think that I only have one semester left at HGSE. But the good part of it is that I still have some time to continue enjoying this incredible experience!

For me, December is a time of the year when it is inevitable to reflect upon what has happened throughout the whole year. What challenges did this year bring, how did I overcome them, in what ways could I improve, etc. Among these thoughts, I constantly think about my days at the Ed. School and how each class has taught me something special. In 3 of the courses I took, I designed and started developing real projects related to education, to be implemented in Mexico upon my graduation.  In the other 2 I did research papers concerning current and important issues around Media and Education as well as Mexican immigrants in the US.

Everyone comes to HGSE with different backgrounds, interests, and ambitions. Nonetheless, we all learn and collaborate within the same space. Hence, the great thing about the Mind, Brain and Education program (and I would guess that the same could be said for all the other Ed.M. programs) is that you can adjust and align the courses and numerous  resources at Harvard to meet your own career objectives and personal goals.

I hope you have a great winter break, and we´ll see each other next year…

Happy Holidays!