Scary title, huh? I don’t want to make those of you sending in your HGSE applications nervous, but rejection is a normal part of the graduate school application process. I should know. I was rejected from HGSE the first time I applied.

The first time I applied was during my final year of my undergraduate program at The New School where I attended as a nontraditional student (translation: I was older). I knew that I wanted to attend HGSE, but articulating why was a little difficult for me in the midst of my final year taking more than a full-time load in a BA/MA program, preparing to get married, and preparing for graduate school (GREs, campus visits, etc).

After I was rejected, I planned to attend another really good program; however, financial complications put those plans on hold. I was really disappointed, but I wasn’t deterred in my efforts to attend graduate school. I spent the year really thinking about what I wanted to do and gaining more experience. By the time I reapplied to HGSE, I didn’t just think I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I KNEW what I wanted to do with my life and how HGSE could get me there. I made sure that my essay was sincere and specific. I outlined some of the classes I hoped to take, specifying exactly what it was about HGSE that still made it my first choice.

Months later, I received my acceptance letter.

I wish you all the best of luck in your application process! Stay focused, positive, and get those applications in on time. And then whatever happens I’m sure will turn out to be the best for you.