Beyond the Bookshelves

As the semester drifts to a halt, we HGSE-ers are greeted with a round of reading days, allotted time once classes have finished that allow us to delve into our semester’s work in preparation for finals.

Many hit Gutman, while others opt for any one of the trendy coffee shops lining the square. For me, reading days are a time to explore the various avenues that intersect at the University.

After meeting up with some friends at HBS for a quick lunch and squeezing in some case analysis, I stopped by at the Harvard Innovation Lab for The Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge kick-off.

Sponsored by the Deans of Harvard, the challenge beckons students of the university to develop entrepreneurial solutions for various problems in the realm of culture and health. The Challenge commenced with a kick-off event featuring Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. Mingling with artists, deans, and my fellow classmates both from HGSE and from the other colleges was absolutely inspirational.

Soon after the event at the iLab, I hustled my way over to Harvard Yard to see American novelist Toni Morrison’s talk on Goodness & Altruism. Yes, you got that right. A Noble Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner plus a Grammy Award winning cellist all in one day – welcome to life on the square.

Now it’s time to hit the books.

Until next semester,