What do you mean I have to go on winter break?!

It’s time for finals and closer to winter break.

Finals sound scary and winter break exciting, but really it just makes me feel sad. It means the end of the semester and one step closer to leaving HGSE.

I LOVE it here! The students are devoted to their fields and are such hard workers. There’s an atmosphere of kindness and the shared goal of wanting to help people. The people who work here do everything they can to help make our time here smooth and positive. For example, in a meeting of student organization leaders, some of us mentioned how hard simple tasks such as creating fliers can be when we’re super busy and have no design skills. Just days after the meeting, the Office of Student Affairs responded with an email saying that they can help make the fliers for our organizations. So helpful! Also, I had a problem getting paid at my internship. Just 24 hours after telling my Field Experience Program teaching fellow about this, the problem was solved thanks to her hard work along with the hard work of HGSE Financial Aid and the Student Employment Office. I really felt like this school was looking out for me.

For me, one of the saddest reasons that finals are coming is that it means the end of my favorite class, Developmental Disabilities.

Each week, Developmental Disabilities has inspired me more and more and reaffirmed my decision to work in that field. Like the rest of the people I’ve met at HGSE, the professor, Joanna  Christodoulou,  also looks out for her students. At the beginning of the semester when two of us had to miss classes for all of those Jewish holidays, Joanna had someone film the classes so we wouldn’t fall behind. When I told her I was looking for an internship and I’d love to do the kind of work she does, she set up the opportunity for me to see where she works at the Learning Disabilities Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

With such kind people, you can see why HGSE gets the nickname Hugsy.

Okay, now back to studying…