Running a marathon…

When one of my friends back home asked me how I’ve been doing at HGSE, the image of myself running a marathon came immediately to my mind. I couldn’t find a better way of describing my daily status these past weeks. I’ve been feeling as though I’m running and jumping from one day to the next; time has gone by really fast and I can’t believe that this semester is almost coming to an end. Although the idea of running a marathon may seem daunting at first, for me running a half-marathon was one of the best experiences I’ve had. For this reason, it is a perfect representation of my adventure so far.

When I started to prepare for the big race, I experienced a mix of feelings, just as I did with the application process: sometimes high optimism and happiness, other times I felt anxiety and frustration. Even though it may be time and energy-consuming, it is definitely worth doing.

Then, when I was admitted to HGSE, the emotions couldn’t have been better. The idea of coming here was constantly on my mind. Finally, it was race day and I felt excited and somewhat overwhelmed. Hearing the whistle that signaled the beginning of the marathon was just like when classes began and everything started taking shape. Along the race there are certain moments where my determination is tested and the challenge gets tougher, but these moments are the ones that build character. There are also many times where the endorphins kick in, and it feels great! I have realized that coming here is the best decision I’ve made, and that I couldn’t be in a better place. Although the workload is considerable, it is definitely manageable and highly enjoyable!

All these months have been an incredible journey and I definitely don’t want this race to end.


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