Midterms, PERC, Assignments, Oh My!

Hello everyone,

It has been a minute since I posted and I hope everyone is doing well. For those of you who are applying this year, I hope that you have begun your application. Please try to find a way to “enjoy” the process as you invest time to focus on you and your goals. It is time well spent.

Speaking of time, October is here and Midterms are upon us. It is hard to believe that the semester is half over!

Now one of my professors is keen on “Context” so I will give you a brief snapshot of what is happening on campus:

    ½ semester courses called modules are ending

    Class assignments are due

    Deadline to register for the January “J-Term” courses is approaching

    On campus open house events (good to see some of you!)

    Application prep for Doctoral programs

    Resumania (Resume prep with alumni offered by Career Services)

    PERC (Period of Employers Recruiting on Campus)

    Presidential debate parties (Yes, I go to those parties!)


And the list goes on…….

So to say that the energy level on campus has “kicked up a notch” is an understatement.  There is a lot of positive energy and a ton of “nervous” energy. Let me explain.

Now when I applied, I had good grades, high motivation, and a strong academic work ethic. But I still had two pressing questions: “How hard is the work?” (I mean it is Harvard after all!) And more to the point: “Am I prepared to function at that level?”

Since arriving on campus, I can tell you that the admissions staff, the faculty, and the members of this learning community believe that you have what it takes to not only function in this environment but to excel in this space.  They (we) believe because you believe.

So as you balance work, school, home, GRE prep (glad that is over), and all of the unscheduled events that happen as part of life, I want to you to do something for me.  Leave a note on the fridge, set a reminder on your computer, in a quiet moment before bed, or screaming at the top of your lungs in a safe space…..

Find a way each day to take a minute and say to yourself:  “I have what it takes, and I believe that I have something to contribute.”

You are up for the challenge.  Just believe!

On that note I BELIEVE that I need to read my next case study!!!

Take care and I promise to post again soon!