The Week HGSE Became Home

I had an intense week last week. Was it because of the elections? Nope. Was it because of the snowstorm? Nope. Those events became background noise to the intense amount of work I had due: one assignment for each of my four classes.

If you’re here by yourself, you can just move into the library and stumble home whenever you want. When you’re here with a spouse, however, things are a little different. Despite my love of Harvard’s libraries, I didn’t want to move into the library. I love going home and hanging out with my husband, Alejandro. Also, Alejandro and I have a rule of keeping work separate from home, so I didn’t want to work from home during the late nights I needed to finish my assignments. How did I solve this dilemma? I brought home to HGSE.

Thanks to the library allowing me to bring in a guest (not to mention spouses can apply for library privileges), Alejandro brought his work to my library, and we were able to spend time together despite my busy schedule. We even got to relax a little during the election night party at Gutman Library. I couldn’t have gotten to HGSE without the support of my husband, and I couldn’t spend time with my husband without the support of HGSE. It would be easy to put family time on pause for big deadlines, but I’m lucky to have learned that’s not necessary.