Seasons & Snow!

I love the taste of crisp New England air and the crunch of multicolored leaves beneath my boots. I enjoy donning my favorite fall coat and the warmth of seasonal coffee in my gloved hands. I have never experienced seasons, so when the trees started turning from green to gold to fiery sunset, I felt myself wanting to photograph every one. I refrained, but fall truly is a wonderful time of year. Whether walking across the Yard, watching the Head of the Charles, or riding my bike along the Esplanade, fall has provided the perfect backdrop for my Harvard experience.

Then it snowed! To give you a bit of insight, this was my third non-ski resort snow ever. Riding home and feeling the flakes melting on my rosy cheeks made me giddy. When I called up my dad in California to tell him it was snowing – I mean really snowing – he jokingly told me he’d seen snow before. He was born and raised in New England, so the novelty had worn off, but I was still riding the high. Although my first Nor’easter was fun, I was glad when the skies turned blue, again, and the temperature climbed back up to 50. I’m not quite ready to let go of my new favorite season.