Collaboration at HGSE

Here at HGSE, we spend a lot of time discussing collaboration and collaborative learning. At first glance, it might be easy to dismiss this focus as one that is honored more by talking than by actual action. Having been at law school before HGSE, I have experienced firsthand the magic of students’ collaborative approach to learning and academics.

The atmosphere here is friendlier with less stress-fueled competition … and more collaboration. This is not to say that there aren’t similarities (or that law students are always at odds with each other); many people at both institutions are happy to share their class notes with people who are unable to attend class. On the other hand, one of my classes here at HGSE makes a note of students’ birthdays and engagements at the start of every class, something that did not happen in law school. In the days and hours before papers for my higher education classes are due, my Higher Education cohort usually creates and fosters a number of moral support threads on Facebook to help everyone struggle through a late night. It makes the HGSE experience that much more enjoyable.


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