The Other Libraries of Harvard University

Although HGSE has a solid library in Gutman, there are no 24-hour study facilities available at HGSE. Fortunately, Harvard University opens Lamont Library, located in Harvard Yard and just a short walk from HGSE, for 24 hours a day from Sundays (starting at 9:00am) through Thursdays throughout the academic year. Open to the Harvard community, there are multiple study areas spread across multiple floors, including a large study lounges on the third floor and the ground floor.

Aside from being open during the wee hours of the morning, Lamont also features a café that stays open until 2:00am from Sundays through Thursdays and a 24-hour self-service espresso machine. If you have a hankering for new and old television shows, movies, and music albums, there’s an entire floor of Lamont replete with DVDs and CDs dedicated to satisfying your multimedia cravings. If you’re interested in archival copies of popular (or even not-so-popular) periodicals, Lamont is also the place to be.

In the spirit of Halloween, I also want to highlight the Andover-Harvard Theological Library at the Harvard Divinity School. It’s a quieter library than Gutman or Lamont and a bit more out of the way relative to HGSE and Harvard Yard, but has its own quiet charm (as well as an impressive collection of old and historical religious documents). Its architectural features and layout also lends itself to an interesting atmosphere at night….

It looks quite stately, even if a bit gothic, from the outside.

At first glance, the stacks seem pretty typical…

Until you realize that you’re walking on glass catwalks and can see about four floors down.

Older sections of the library are also accessible from old wood staircases or secured with steel cages.


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