Sustaining the Spring – Avoiding the Fall

One of the most excellent, and simultaneously time-consuming initiatives that I have had the honor of participating in, is the planning of Harvard Arab Weekend. This four day university-wide conference is the largest pan-Arab conference in North America and was lauded by the White House as the “Premier Arab World Conference.”

Talk about impact.

As the co-chair of the education panel and as a member of the planning committee, I have had the chance to work with students, who have quickly become friends, in putting together this timely event. When I was first approached to join in on the planning efforts, I was surprisingly reluctant The caliber of speakers they were expecting to host were professional-years beyond my measly fresh out of undergrad self. Did I have the legitimacy to craft a letter to former Prime Ministers and heads of state, thought leaders and entrepreneurs?

I was not sure – but I gave them my word. The experience has been beyond fulfilling. With a passionate team, we have put together an excellent panel exploring the realm of creative and collaborative learning in the Middle East. We are hosting exceptional speakers from the World Bank and international non-profits and organizations. Also, we have our very own Fernando Reimers, founder of the International Education Policy Program at HGSE, moderating the session.

It is absolutely astounding the sheer opportunities that HGSE and the greater Harvard community can offer. I’m looking forward to sharing photos and snapshots of the event taking place mid-November. Only 13 Arab days and Arab nights to the event!


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