My Internship at WGBH

In case you were looking for one more reason to apply to HGSE, I give you: the Field-Experience Program (FEP). This full-credit course allows participating students to take on an internship of their choice and provides academic and reflection supplements along the way. That’s right; you can intern anywhere you want to during your time here and get course credit for it.

Naturally, I wanted to get the most out of my internship experience, so I scoured the Boston area for organizations that are doing big things. I eventually landed on WGBH. Since September, I’ve been working in WGBH’s Interactive department, which is responsible for developing online content and video games for PBS programming. Personally, I’ve been generating vocabulary words and testing a new suite of games for the children’s show, Martha Speaks. I’ve had an absolute blast so far.

Although being an unpaid intern is unfortunate, it’s given me the opportunity to see my experience less as “work” and more as an educational opportunity. I’ve already met tons of awesome people (from all over ‘GBH) who’ve been more than willing to sit down with me and tell me about what they do. I’ll post a brief update later in the year to let you know how it finishes up.