Connecting the dots…

Hello!! Although the title of this post it is a total cliché, it really describes the point I’ll make later on….

It is true that it is getting cold in Cambridge, though I´m still enjoying the weather. I love winter outfits, coffees, and finding places to be cozy and warm. Even though it might sound “geeky,” one of my favorite places (and a favorite of many HGSE friends as well) is the 1st floor at Gutman Library. Since its recent “makeover,” it has become a really nice and comfortable place to read, study, and work on assignments or projects, and grab a bite at the “Commons” – HGSE´s own cafeteria.

Another thing that I´ve been enjoying at HGSE lately is that, since the courses are halfway through and we’ve reached a point where we understand the general idea of each class, I’ve been starting to make very interesting connections among them. Whether between Neuroscience and Economics, or Arts and Technology, the courses all have some sort of connection with one another. Being able to grasp this idea and analyze things from different perspectives has been awesome!

Although this may sound obvious, when you are in graduate school – specifically oriented towards education – it is still amazing when you start connecting the dots among concepts or ideas that seem totally unrelated at first. And I believe that is the great power of “transfer” that we as educators talk about all the time. I have experienced first-hand how all these concepts and ideas are gaining relevance in many areas of my personal and professional life, and how they have had a huge impact on the overall understanding and learning experience.