Moment of the day

One of the greatest things about being at HGSE is that not a single day pass without having an awesome “moment of the day” – either is a conversation with a professor or with your classmates, at an event at HGSE, and around Harvard. It amazes me how we are constantly challenged to analyze topics from different perspectives and question our own assumptions. This enriching and encouraging environment is a combination of excellent curricular design, inspiring classmates, and last but surely not least, incredible professors.

I´m taking five courses this semester – four at HGSE and 1 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Two courses are associated with the Technology, Innovation, and Education program. One is related to the impact of media on children, teenagers, and adults in general, and the other one is a project-based course, focused on assisting us in the development of new educational technology tools. I’m also taking Educational Neuroscience – an amazing class! – where we explore the complexity of the brain and translate scientific research into actual educational practices. I also love Learning in a Globalized World: Language Acquisition, Cultural Awareness and the Role of Neuroscience in International Education Policies and Practices, which is an inspiring course that pushes me to think beyond set boundaries. The last course at HKS is actually taught at the i-Lab (Harvard´s Innovation Laboratory), and the purpose of the class is to guide us in the design and creation of a social change idea, through successful case studies and great input from the professors.

As you may have noticed, all of my courses are quite different, but I chose them to explore different areas, learn new concepts and ideas, and challenge myself. The great advantage of being at HGSE is that all the necessary resources are available to us; we just need to decide how to make the most out of this experience and in what direction to move our career forward.

See you next time!