Doing it all

When people tell me “You can’t do it all,” the little voice in the back of my head says, “Watch me try!” I do best when extremely busy, so I tend to take on more than most. I am currently taking a full course load at HGSE (4 classes), working part-time at MIT in Global Education & Career Development (20+ hours per week), managing a thriving social life, maintaining my fitness, and attending as many local events as I can, among other things. Despite my desire to maximize my graduate experience, the opportunities available to me at Harvard, in Cambridge, and in the greater Boston area feel limitless. As a result, it is impossible to do everything I would like, so I am forced to pick and choose.

I’ve found that time management is key to striking a healthy school/work/life balance. I tend to push myself hard during the week and use my weekends to bond with my friends, enjoy New England, and unwind. This past weekend I attended a “Thrift Store Formal” with my Higher Education Cohort (Friday), spent a full day hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with a couple of friends in the Technology in Innovation program (Saturday), and spent the day apple picking at Shelburne Farm with my girlfriends from the Ed School (Sunday).

Knowing that I had a fun-filled weekend to look forward to, I made sure to get ahead of the curve the week before. This meant doing my week’s readings during the previous weekend, waking up earlier than usual during the week, and making use of any downtime I had to ensure that I wouldn’t fall behind. Let me tell you, it was well worth it! Although I am here to learn and to gain professional experience, I am also here to enjoy the area and to make life-long friends. “Doing it all” takes effort, but I can confidently say I am trying my best.