Back to the Future

One of the coolest things about being a member of the HGSE community is our opportunity to be parts of other communities. Counterintuitive, right? Not only do we have the wicked opportunity of cross registering with courses at the Kennedy School of Government, Law School, Business School, and really anywhere else on campus, we are often presented with some unique non-credit options.

For a four-session special session seminar, Charles Fadel, a visiting HGSE and MIT practitioner, brings his eye-opening “The World in 10 Curves” series to the Ed School. The course is sponsored by the Mind, Brain and Education program and looks to delve into the nuances of our increasingly volatile and complex world.

10 Curves, he describes as a “way of thinking, constructing models, and showing their limits.” This classroom is an ode to the renaissance – students with an array of interests, eager to bridge the gaps between the sciences, the arts, and other disciplines, mingle to dissect what it means to be a polymath. As the daughter of a chemist, a former student of International Affairs, and a current student of the Arts in Education, I am always looking for ways to mesh my diverse interests. Take a look at some of the riveting futuristic videos that Fadel briefed us with in our first session. Indeed the future is a crazy and somewhat scary place:

The future of dating 

Facebook for Robots