Learning beyond the classroom at HGSE through internships

In addition to the plethora of classes to pick from here at HGSE, any HGSE student can take on an internship for academic credit through the Field Experience Program (FEP). Your internship need not be specifically related to your program at HGSE. I’m in the Higher Education program and my FEP site is at a high school (Codman Academy Charter Public School) a bit less than an hour away on the T’s Red Line. Locations and organizations can vary from intern to intern; I have classmates interning at primary/secondary schools, colleges and universities (including Harvard!), non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Internships can be unpaid or paid through federal work-study funds or an organization’s own funds. Most interns work somewhere between 8-12 hours per week; organizations are generally cognizant of mid-term and finals pressures and adjust work schedules accordingly. The Field Experience program, which lasts for one semester (but can renewed for a second semester), is flexible enough that some of my classmates intern at educational organizations outside of the Boston area (and rely primarily on the Internet to communicate).

In terms of paperwork, it’s relatively simple to sign up for the FEP course. At the start of the semester, I submitted brief online form giving background information on my employer and what I hoped to accomplish during my time with Codman Academy. If you don’t have an organization lined up, no worries … aside from program-specific resources, there was an internship fair during the first week of my fall semester and a number of opportunities that were posted on Harvard intranet sites, most notably Hired.


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