AIE Cabaret

Last Friday evening my Arts in Education cohort put on our first of many cabarets.
Awesome, I know.

The event was essentially an opportunity for us to showcase our respective artistic talents. We had flamenco, poetry, and original music. We had film presentations, a flute duet, and authentic brass music from New Orleans. My personal favorite performance, though (by a landslide), was an interpretive teddy bear dance to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Did I mention that the event included hors d’oeuvre and wine?

While the AIE cabaret was mostly meant for fun, I think it says a little something about what we stand for as a cohort. Nearly every week, our classes included some degree of personal discussion, collaboration, and sharing. We actively try to hold on to the idea that we aren’t just classmates; we’re part of a diverse and growing community. It’s that sense of fellowship, in my opinion, that’s going to bring this one-year experience to the next level.

And also the cabarets.