Where to start…

43 days ago I was sitting in the International Students Orientation event, very excited, but also somewhat confused by what I was about to begin. From the moment I decided I wanted to pursue this master’s program (about 2 years ago) until now, I imagined myself coming to HGSE, taking courses with wonderful professors, and sharing the experience with great classmates. And on August 22, when I was waiting for the event to start, I found it hard to believe that all of this was actually happening!… And now, I can´t believe that I’ve been here for more than a month.  Time has gone by really fast!

Although some might arrive to HGSE with their year’s study plan arranged perfectly, once you are here, you realize that there are MANY different classes that you can take and areas of interest to explore.  That is when the hard part begins:  choosing courses. There are too many excellent options, and only 4-5 classes to take per semester. Luckily, there is a “course shopping” period of about 2 days, where the professor gives a 40-minute presentation, discusses the syllabus, explain the class structure, and answer any questions. After attending more than 1o different shopping sessions, I was quite sure about the courses that I wanted to take.  It was extremely helpful.  You can also cross-register at many Harvard schools and take advantage of all the incredible things that are happening around the university. This is also a great opportunity to learn and discuss issues from another perspective and meet people with different backgrounds, experiences, and interests. I’m currently taking a course in Harvard Kennedy School of Government, which I enjoy a lot!

Although I am international student, I haven’t had any problems getting used to this place. Boston is a very friendly city, with people from all over the world, were you can get around easily and with options of things to do every day. In particular at HGSE, every week we have amazing speakers who come to the school, events around campus, etc. As for the Ed School community, everyone is very easy-going and all the faculty and administrative staff are very helpful in every way. So, as you can tell, I’m still excited about this whole new experience, and I’m definitely having a great time! And its only been 43 days…


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