West Coast, best coast?…Not necessarily

Why would you ever leave a place that’s 70º and sunny year-round? You’d be surprised how often I get asked this question, but my answer is simple – Harvard. Sure California has fantastic weather, a laid back culture, and my family and friends, but it doesn’t have my dream grad school. The Harvard Graduate School of Education and my desire to pursue my passion brought me to Boston, and I love it here!

Although New England has a noticeably different feel than California, I’m greatly enjoying the contrast. The walkability, the public transport, the history, the architecture, the accent (I go to “Hahvahd” not “Harvard”) and the fact that there is always something to do make Boston a good fit. I’m even enjoying the crisp morning air and the first signs of fall. Like many Californians, I’ve wondered what it’s like to live on the East Coast. Thus far, Boston has exceeded my (admittedly high) expectations and, for that, I have the Harvard/Cambridge “Bubble” to thank.

Being in the heart of higher education, surrounded by exceptional people from all over the world, is really something special. Thanks to HGSE, I have an instant circle of friends that I love spending time with. What’s more, there is an intangible energy here that you need to experience to fully understand. I feel it when I’m listening to my professors, exploring the area, and bonding with my classmates. Although this “magical” feeling is difficult to articulate, I feel present, engaged, challenged, and excited. Nearly everyone I meet is as bright and driven as they are down-to-earth, which seems to elevate even the most basic interactions. It’s wonderful how inclusive this incredible community is and I pinch myself every day knowing that I belong.


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