Cheers to Cambridge & Caffeine

I thought I’d kick things off with a visual representation of how a typical day looks like for an AIE student who is looking to make the most of her only year here. Cheers to Cambridge, 14-hour days & tons of caffeine.

8 AM: Rise and Shine HGSE-ers! The early bird doesn’t necessarily catch the worm, but definitely gets a good seat in class.

10 AM – 12 PM: Work hard, play hard mentality. Monica Higgins’ class on Entrepreneurism & Leadership is definitely one that pushes your intellectual limits – but, we are always looking for an excuse to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Uche!

12 PM – 1 PM: Hour break before my next class at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) – getting some readying done in Gutman Library.

1 PM – 2 PM: En route to HKS – almost necessary to stop by and channel the creative energy swirling around in the Square. Also, a caffeine pick me up is much needed from my favorite, Crema Cafe.

5 PM – 7 PM: After class, the 2012 Harvard Public Lecture Series brings together top university researchers and world-class chefs. Chocolate? Yes please!

7 PM – 9 PM: Harvard Arab Weekend (HAW) is right around the corner. As the Co-Chair of the Education Panel and a member of the planning committee, the past few weeks have been super chaotic, extending invitations to various heads of states and thought-leaders in the region. A healthy dose of hashtagging is also in order!

9 PM – 10.30 PM: Channeling our inner Zuckerberg. The startup team gets busy dissecting our next plan of action.

10.45 PM: Almost 14 hours later, it is finally time to call it a day. Time to check out!


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