It’s about that time….commencement time!

In late April near the conclusion of the Spring semester, I began to think about how to spend my time between the end of classes and graduation day. In my last posting, I mentioned a few things I had planned (a Celtics game, a Red Sox game and of course the high-stakes kickball tournament).  Somehow, I figured this time of year would be fun – but I had no idea exactly how things would eventually turn out.

The Celtics game went into overtime (and they won), Red Sox game went 17 innings (over 6 hours of baseball) and my kickball team competed valiantly and ended up tied for 3rd place. I’ve also done some exploring around Boston as I’ve spent some time in Kendall square and Beacon Hill while continuing to discover local restaurants including Harvest and Area Four (the flatbreads and rhubarb pie at AF were delicious).  And of course, end-of-the-year parties…the soiree at the Harvard faculty club last week was amazing – definitely a place to check out! With quick trips to Washington, DC and Portland, ME on the horizon, I’m definitely taking advantage of free time while I have it.

Similarly, that’s my advice for anyone planning to study at HGSE – make the most of your time here. Come in with a plan but be open-minded enough to let things develop and happen. Some of my best experiences at HGSE were things not planned or unanticipated. I would also suggest venturing out of the HGSE bubble, the Harvard bubble and the Cambridge bubble. Get to know students at other schools at Harvard and spend time off-campus, in Boston and beyond. Finally, be willing to share your opinions with others. Even if you get the sense your views may be unpopular or different from the majority, much can be learned from voices of dissent – I certainly have learned a lot from classmates with different perspectives throughout my time at HGSE.

Thanks for reading my blog this year. Hopefully anecdotes of my experience while enrolled at HGSE have provided a glimpse into the many opportunities and possibilities available to students here. Enjoy your summer!