Have Questions?

I remember it like it was yesterday.  The excitement was palpable – or was it sheer nervousness?  I had just arrived home from work and didn’t know what to expect.  Once I received the email from the Admissions Office, I paused to gather myself before logging into the online application.  At first, I couldn’t believe the good news.  Once some time had passed, I realized I had many questions and wanted to learn even more about HGSE before deciding to enroll.

What was the campus environment like?  How about my fellow classmates and the faculty?  At the time of admission, I had never been north of New York, so I really wanted to know what was happening in Cambridge and how Boston compared to other cities on the east coast.  I remember being impressed how welcoming the students and administration were at HGSE and how receptive they were to my questions – and believe me I had many of them.

While some great information is available on the HGSE website, I encourage anyone considering joining the HGSE community to actively seek out the information that’s important to you for making a decision – extracurricular activities, social atmosphere, city life, conferences, speakers or anything else.  I remember vividly what it was like to imagine the HGSE experience from afar; after visiting campus, talking to students, faculty and administrators, I had a much better sense of the great things to expect as a student.  So don’t be shy – ask away and hopefully you will have the opportunity to see firsthand what makes HGSE a phenomenal place.