Tea with Terry

Anyone that knows me well realizes that I love tea (people that don’t know me as well probably could guess that too).  All kinds of tea – iced tea, hot tea…virtually any flavored tea.  I can’t explain it really – there’s just something about tea that’s refreshing any time of year.

So when I found out that my faculty advisor was willing to organize informal, weekly get-togethers over tea, you can imagine just how quickly I jumped at the chance to participate (and no, it wasn’t only because of the tea).  I was hoping for the chance to get to know my advisor better and little did I know how much tea could impact my HGSE experience.

As the weeks passed during the semester, I always looked forward to these informal meetings.  What a great opportunity to get to know my advisor on a personal level and other HGSE students outside of the classroom.  Our conversations have ranged from academic topics to current events to anything really – whatever people wanted to talk about, we have discussed.  Tea with Terry has provided a chance to relax for a bit while taking a momentary break from the frenetic pace of the semester.  Taking the time to get to know my faculty advisor will be something I remember fondly when I reflect on my time at HGSE.