The Job Search

They told me this would happen – that the post-HGSE horizon comes up fast and, before I knew it, I’d be back in the job market. They were right.

It seems like the common greeting around campus has become, “Hey! How’s your job search going?” Answers vary. A small number of people already have offers, most have sent out at least a couple of résumés, and some haven’t moved beyond thinking about it.

I heard that HGSE’s Career Services were superior to many other institutions. I haven’t been disappointed. I met several potential employers through events that were organized by Career Services. Aside from large-scale career fairs, the university also arranges smaller session with individual employers looking to hire HGSE graduates.

Many of these events come during Recruiting Intensive Period, which happens once each semester. In addition to on-campus opportunities, HGSE’s online job center is more than just craigslist in Crimson.

Also, I got an email today from my faculty advisor asking all of his advisees if he could buy us pizza some night this week to talk about the job search. It may not be the fanciest venue, and I’m sure that similar conversations take place at other universities, but it’s encouraging to know that our professors have our backs. Jobs don’t fall from the sky around here, but the bottom line is that if you’re proactive then you can get a lot of support from the institution.

Having said that, if you know someone who’s hiring in the Bay Area…please contact me!