Conference Time…

When I thought about making the most of my time here at Harvard, I wanted to take advantage of opportunities on and off-campus while trying new things.  Being in the Boston area, I knew many colleges and universities are nearby and wanted to get involved with a conference during my time as a student.  This past weekend, I had a chance to serve on a panel at a local conference – what a great experience!

Given my interest in higher education, I was fortunate to discover a local conference in town focused on careers in student affairs at colleges and universities – right up my alley!  A fellow HGSE student offered to submit a proposal to lead a session and invited me to participate – next thing I know the proposal was accepted and I had to quickly figure out some words of wisdom to share during the session.  Good thing I’m not shy – as the attendance at the conference was more than I expected.

The panel was created to provide advice and insight into preparing graduate school applications, obtaining assistantships on campus and preparing for careers in higher education.  Attending the conference was a great opportunity to network with students sharing similar interests in the region and share my experience with others.  For anyone interested in participating or presenting at workshops or conferences, there’s no shortage of opportunities at HGSE – recently many students participated in the HGSE Social Justice Workshops and the 2012 Alumni of Color Conference.