Having spent three years as a middle and high school teacher, I had grown quite fond of working with children. I knew that when I decided to go back to school full-time that I would one day find myself missing my students. That day came rather early last semester, but my schedule did not allow me to work with children in the capacity that I had wanted.

With that in mind, I was able to plan my spring semester so that I could have an internship where I would be able to work directly with children and have my very own students again. Today was my first day as the Project Coordinator for the Tutors for All (T4A) program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). As part of my Field Experience Program internship for Learning & Teaching’s Instructional Leadership strand, I will be working with literacy students and tutors and their students for the semester.

As soon as I arrived at my site and saw groups of young high school students hanging out, I got excited. When they entered the classroom carrying on with their lively discussions, I was all smiles! Before their tutoring sessions started, I got to talk to them about school and their goals, and it was the highlight of my day! A few of the students even said that they one day hope to attend Harvard and asked if I would give them advice when the time came, to which I gladly agreed and gave them my email address to use in the future. More than just providing instruction, I have always viewed teaching as ways to build meaningful and beneficial relationships with future generations. I am so happy to be back in a setting where I can work with young people and help them learn and grow in all sorts of ways!