Group Work!

I can’t believe that J Term is already over and that the Spring semester will begin in a few short days. The last two weeks have been intense, but well worth it. While I taught special education classes for three years, as a teacher there was so much that I did not know that I have learned in two weeks from Professor Hehir and the wonderful Teaching Fellows.

As part of the class, I was grouped with four other students and we had the opportunity to collaborate on a policy memo to address an issue in special education. We chose to focus on reading-related learning disabilities and how some populations are over-represented while others are underrepresented. For two weeks, we met regularly to design our proposed intervention which included increased Title I funding for more reading specialists in low income schools as well an added section to Race to the Top that focuses specifically on literacy. The process of working in a group was great because we all had different strengths that we used to put together a well received presentation and a rather thorough memo. It was also fun just to get to meet new people who were like minded but who also had different perspectives on things.

The people that I have gotten to meet and work with are, by far, my favorite thing about HGSE. I am so excited for the start of the spring semester, and the new friends that it will bring!

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