So you applied…Now what?

If you’re reading this, then the deadline to apply for Fall 2012 admission to HGSE has come and gone. If you submitted an application, you may be wondering, “What do I do with myself now?” As a former admission counselor and former HGSE applicant, I want to share some thoughts and ideas regarding your current situation. In very particular order:

1. Congratulate yourself! Seriously. Just a guess, but you’re probably the kind of person that’s too tough on yourself most of the time. Take a moment to acknowledge that applying to HGSE took courage, self-reflection, and lots of time and resources. Even if your admission decision doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, you have already gained from this experience. Well done!
2. Thank the people who helped you with your application (e.g. your recommenders). Let them know that, regardless of the outcome, you appreciate their confidence in you.
3. Get back to work. There’s nothing else you can do to augment your application now, so forget about it for a while. Get back to the daily business of living. Enjoy the time you have now that you’re not working on your essay any more! Think about what you want to accomplish by next fall – regardless of your admission decision and (trite reference alert!) focus your energy on being that change that you want to see in the world.
4. Stay in touch. Follow this blog, check the HGSE website, and let us know if you have any questions.

Best wishes to all of you this season!