So once the holidays were over, I figured all of my shopping was done for awhile – well at least until the next birthday came along.  But then I realized that with the start of a new semester would be more shopping – not just books and supplies for classes, but the class shopping period at HGSE.  With many courses to choose from, I wanted to see what I could discern during the shopping period.

For those who may not be familiar with class shopping, it happens over a two-day period before the start of classes each semester at HGSE.  Professors (or in some cases, teaching fellows) have 40 minutes to share whatever they want about their courses and answer student questions.  Some professors opt to provide an overview of the course, others lead a mini-version of a class session or walk-students through the course syllabus.  Regardless of the method, course shopping allows students a chance to learn more about a class and the professor’s teaching style to make a more informed decision on what classes they want to take for the semester.

Since I have varied interests in education, I shopped until I dropped – over the two-day period, I must have shopped 12 classes.  And let me tell you, it was well worth it.  I found out much more about each class than I would have imagined – in some cases intangibles not listed on the syllabus and changes from previous iterations of the course.  Now comes the tough part – trying to winnow down my list to 4 courses.  So what did I end up selecting for the semester?  More on that in my next post.