Game Time

Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m a sports fan.  There’s just something about watching a game of basketball that’s entertaining.  I’ve been hearing great things about the Harvard basketball team this year, so I figured I would check them out.  I found a home game at the historic Lavietes Pavilion against Seattle University and figured it was time to see firsthand the atmosphere and environment of college basketball at Harvard.

A good crowd was on hand and the seats provided a clear view of the court.  It was great to see a mixture of people in the stands – students and other basketball fans scattered throughout the pavilion.   The band was playing and music blaring during warmups and right before the start of the second half. You could feel that the game would be fun to watch while looking forward to some spectacular highlights.

Fans cheered as Harvard put on quite a show.  They maintained a comfortable lead throughout most of the game and displayed great versatility and quickness.  I had a blast and will be back for more games later this year.  This will definitely be a fun team to watch all season.

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