Let’s Get Ready!

One of the things that attracted me to HGSE was the chance to get involved in a number of activities – both on and off-campus. Earlier in the semester, I received an email about a volunteer opportunity that piqued my interest – a college application completion day for high school students through an organization called Let’s Get Ready. I’m very drawn to anything related to higher education, so I volunteered for the event – what a great experience!

The day began with a quick orientation and training session for all volunteers at the organization’s office in downtown Boston.  I really enjoyed the chance to mix and mingle with the other volunteers from across the greater Boston and beyond.  The refreshments were a nice surprise too (I’ve never met a donut I didn’t like, well except for those jelly-filled ones I tried years ago but I digress…) as we settled in to learn more about the day’s events. From there we were assigned a high school student in the midst of working on applications for college. As volunteers, we were able to answer questions and offer advice on how to navigate the process. What I appreciated most about the experience was the chance to connect with the next generation of students and learn more about their interests and goals. Having a chance to give back to younger students was particularly meaningful – I’m just glad I had the chance to participate.

Speaking of which, right about now I need to remind myself “let’s get ready” for finals, papers and the end of the semester. Back to work for me – winter’s a-coming and the break’s almost here. Time flies when you’re having fun.